Monday, January 31, 2011

Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party

My sister's Moulin Rouge Themed Bachelorette Party was so much fun to plan! Although we didn't necessarily stick to the theme the whole night, I incorporated it mainly in the decor. 

Each girl that came received a goody bag with a "Sex Devotional" book, a diamond ring keychain, a garter, and a personalized wine glass (which I made on my handy cricut!) 

One of the display tables had a framed quote from the movie about diamonds being a girls best friend.. so of course I ordered shot glass diamond rings and placed them in front. 

Other decorations included: a "spectacular! spectacular!" banner, candelabras, boas, whips, and lots and lots of glitter! 

Ayleen let me burlesque her up by taking some photos of her for signs.. two are pictured below (one for the entrance and one for the "TANTALIZING TEMPTRESS" punch..)

I also LOVE the burlesque vase above.. it was super easy to make.. and CHEAP!

After meeting at the Marena's resort in north miami beach we hopped into a limo and had a SKETCHING PARTY! .. i think we all died laughing when our male model struck a pose without his robe.. its a fun and different alternative to the usual strip club/stripper/pole dance class.

We ended our night at STK.. and for those who are curious.. it is really yummy.. GO! GO!

that's all for now!

(Click the pictures for a zoomed in view)

My Favorite Cake.. too bad I can't show it off!

I've always wanted to make a boob cake! I finally got a chance to make one and here is how it turned out!

Mini Cakes

I needed a cake that was portable enough to transport to a hotel in order to do a quick cake cutting for a small group of people. It was my first successful metallic paint cake so I was definitely happy! Happy Birthday Ana and Yankee!
5" mini cake

My Very First Post!

If you can't already tell, I'm new to the world of blogging. So be patient with me! I took a shot at it and created one to share the various things I do in the world of baking and event planning.

The next few posts will probably be a compilation of years of stuff!

Please enjoy and share with friends!