Friday, January 4, 2013

Simply Sucré's cake is on HWTM!

Our cake is famous! Everyone knows that making it to the HWTM blog is an amazing accomplishment and my friend Ashley from Sole Luxe Events made this possible. Not only is she a great friend but a wonderful event planner. Be sure to check out her website and Facebook page: Sole Luxe Events.

About the cake:
I worked closely with Ashley to create a beautiful Fifty Shades of Grey themed cake that fit in went well with her vision. She wanted to make sure the details of the cake reflected the heart and soul of the trilogy. Black and white stripes for, for those countless nights Mr. Grey spent playing beautiful notes on his piano, ombre style bottom layer to bring different shades of gray to the surface, gum paste handcuff, key and silver tie accents to remind us of those naughty pleasures the couple indulged in and of course, a glitter mask to give the cake an overall wow-factor.

This cake was extremely fun to make - not only because I worked closely with a friend but because it yours truly is obsessed with everything Fifty!

Please be sure to check out the Hostess with the Mostess blog and leave some love for Ashley's goregous GLAM Fifty Shades of Grey Party! I could not be more proud of her!

HWTM blog:  Glam 50 Shades of Grey Themed Birthday


Monday, March 7, 2011

End Result!!

these are only two of the six styles i created!

i just wanted to share the end result with you guys :

Thank you for everyone who ordered one! I appreciate it greatly!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Groovy Baby!

A friend asked me to make a cake for her mom's birthday. The only request she gave was that she wanted it to be a hippie cake.. for those of you who don't make cakes.. believe me when I say that it is very nerve wracking to make a cake without guidelines.. I am one of those people who can't rest until I hear the words of satisfaction coming from my client's mouths. so katiana and ketty.. THANK YOU for the sweet words!

I really wanted to make this cake look "groovy" so I made a peace sign topper.. and painted it with edible glitter.. I LOVE glitter!!!

I also marbled fondant to make it look like tie dye.. not as easy as it sounds.. trust me!

The best part, at least in my opinion, was the actual inside of the cake..

yeppp! Its tie dyed too!!

I had fun making this cake.. can't wait to make another one!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Red, Black, and White Bridal Shower

These colors are probably one of my favorite color combinations! They complement each other perfectly.. 
(click picture to zoom)

We held the shower at the Havana Harry's Kendall location (upstairs).. its such a pretty spot to host a party! 

Each person had a table setting that included a chocolate covered strawberry, a menu, and a wooden spoon with a tag. The tag read "The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach" on one side and on the other side the groom's favorite recipe.

For dessert we had cupcakes ( made by me of course)  and an Ice Cream Sundae Bar.. The cupcakes were placed on a cupcake stand that was decorated to match the theme..

The ice cream sundae bar was my favorite part!! It had an "A" made of carnations and styrofoam.. its a great DIY project that is inexpensive and easy! The ice cream was served in martini glasses.. which is a great bachelorettey touch!

Other little touches can be seen in the pictures bellow (picture entrance, sign in table, etc.)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My boyfriend's birthday always seems to land around the first or second UM game of the season.. so since he is UM obsessed I've had to plan a football party each year.

These pictures are from his previous birthdays but can easily be substituted for a regular football/super bowl party:

(click the photo to zoom)

I handmade little flag toothpicks that had a football field design.

I also found it to be a good idea to make a signature drink of the night.. so I made "Linebacker Lemonade." Doing this at parties is an easy way to save money on mixers and alcohol. A cute football party idea is to let your guests choose player numbers to identify which cup is theirs. You can have the guests place stickers on the cups or paint them on before hand.

I also made paper cones and filled them with tortilla chips. This way each person was able to take a cone and use their plates for different dips instead.

Foods: Football field seven layer dip, lots and lots of dip, Football cake pops, mini hot dogs in mini buns.

I have come to love football parties. I have found a way to make a manly event MINE!! :)

UM cake and decorations - Handmade Football gift box 

As we speak i'm planning a little Superbowl XLV..i'm very excited! Stay tuned!! i'll post them up Sunday!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Moulin Rouge Bachelorette Party

My sister's Moulin Rouge Themed Bachelorette Party was so much fun to plan! Although we didn't necessarily stick to the theme the whole night, I incorporated it mainly in the decor. 

Each girl that came received a goody bag with a "Sex Devotional" book, a diamond ring keychain, a garter, and a personalized wine glass (which I made on my handy cricut!) 

One of the display tables had a framed quote from the movie about diamonds being a girls best friend.. so of course I ordered shot glass diamond rings and placed them in front. 

Other decorations included: a "spectacular! spectacular!" banner, candelabras, boas, whips, and lots and lots of glitter! 

Ayleen let me burlesque her up by taking some photos of her for signs.. two are pictured below (one for the entrance and one for the "TANTALIZING TEMPTRESS" punch..)

I also LOVE the burlesque vase above.. it was super easy to make.. and CHEAP!

After meeting at the Marena's resort in north miami beach we hopped into a limo and had a SKETCHING PARTY! .. i think we all died laughing when our male model struck a pose without his robe.. its a fun and different alternative to the usual strip club/stripper/pole dance class.

We ended our night at STK.. and for those who are curious.. it is really yummy.. GO! GO!

that's all for now!

(Click the pictures for a zoomed in view)

My Favorite Cake.. too bad I can't show it off!

I've always wanted to make a boob cake! I finally got a chance to make one and here is how it turned out!